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Laserchrom HPLC Equipment
Sykam S3240 Programmable 4-channel UV/Vis Detector 

  Buy This Detector For:
  • Sensitivity over the whole UV and visible range
  • use with all analytical HPLC systems
  • robust construction
  • Ability to monitor 4 UV wavelengths simutaneously
Features & Benefits   Specification
  • Autocheck at start up. The detector checks the lamps, the diode array etc every time it is switched on, so you know it is working properly.
  • Programmable wavelength changes. Up to 10 wavelength changes can be programmed into a run



D2 and W


2nm per diode

  • Diode array technology. This detector has a built in Diode Array, and can change wavelengths without any moving parts.
  • It can be upgraded to a full Diode Array Detetctor at any time. This involves a chip replacement in the detector, and software for the PC.

2 to 0.0005 AUFS

External Control:

RS232 and Clarity

  • Simple intuitive menus, so anyone can use it. Excellent for multi-user labs.
  • Deuterium and tungsten lamps fitted as standard giving high sensitivity in UV and Visible regions.
  • Very easy lamp and cell replacement

< 3.0x10-4 AU at 254nm


< 5.0x10-5 AU/hr

  • Can Monitor 4 UV wavelengths simultaneously with separate analogue outputs

2 x 20 characterLCD

  • Online scan of wavelengths and collection of spectra on the fly (without interrupting flow)
  Dimensions (mm)
 160(h) x 225(w) x 355(d)
  • Optional built in solvent recycling valve


  • Controllable by Clarity data System

240V 50Hz

Ordering Information 
Sykam S3240 UV/Vis Detector
10 31 002
S3240 Diode Array version
10 31 007
Analytical Flowcell - Stainless Steel
10 32 002
Analytical Flowcell - PEEK
10 32 003
Micro Flowcell - Steel
10 32 004
Prep Flowcell - Steel
10 32 005