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Laserchrom HPLC Equipment
Sykam Model S4011 Column Heater/Chiller
  Buy This HeaterFor :
  • Reproducible retention times
  • Heating and chilling
  • Excellent thermal stability
Features and Benefits   Specification
  • Peltier Control, for control of temperature from 5-70oC, regardless of ambient temperature
  Temperature control: Peltier elements
Chamber size:

35 x 35 x 300mm

Temperature Range:

5 - 70oC

  • Can change temperature very quickly. This is very useful when running temperature gradients, or for method development trying a separation at different temperatures.
  Temperature Accuracy:

+/- 0.5oC

Temperature Stability:
+/- 0.1oC
    Temperature selection:
1oC steps
  • Built in leak sensor, with auto cut-out and a yellow warning LED
  External Control:


  • Over temperature safety cut-out

2 digit, 7 segment

Dimensions Oven:

135 x 180 x 510 mm

    Dimensions Controller:

220 x 150 x 345 mm


Controller 6.3kg

Oven 9.4Kg
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Sykam S4011 Column Heater/Chiller

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